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If you were unable to leave us a testimonial in-person, feel free to leave us a review on Google. Thank you for the review!

After a snowboarding accident in 2007 that resulted in a severe concussion and alignment issues of my back and neck, I was neurologists, back specialists, chiropractors, massage therapists and other physical therapists, but the pain and issues always came back. After Dadez Physical Therapy though, I've never felt better! The treatment worked quicker, better, and with longer lasting results than anything else I've tried!


                 - Sarah F.

 I want to thank Dadez PT for the excellent care I received. I never would have thought stepping in a hole, then having a referral to all of you would have made such a difference in my life.  In looking back I was an hour early for an appointment that Karl gave me the Xerox on things to avoid in my diet that can cause inflammation. By eliminating sugar, gluten, dairy, and processed foods in my diet...I feel like a new person! I have now lost 28lbs since the end of November.   I also have to say that since 2013 I go every six months for an eye pressure test because my optical pressure is high.  Would you believe when I went for my six month exam two weeks ago my eye pressure was normal!  I did a happy dance!!! I believe the change in my diet made that possible and my eye doctor agreed with that as well!  Last week my total mileage for walking was 58 miles! Last November I was hobbling into your office and was having a hard time walking my dog. Such a difference!  I don't say I'm on a diet, I say its my lifestyle change! The results have been so significant I cannot imagine going back to my old ways.

                    - Deanna G.

Dadez Physical Therapy changed my life - in every sense of the word.  As a chronic migraine sufferer for over 11 years, I've tried nearly every approach to combat the near daily torture I was enduring.  The expertise, level of care, compassion, and desire to help me achieve my best self was always their highest priority.  A special thank you to Wendy and Logan!  I wake up every day thankful, no longer living in fear of my pain.  You haven't "tried it all" until you've experienced the care and success at Dadez.  Thank you!

                   - McKenna M.

This place is amazing, the stuff they do to help you to feel to your full potential is so easy its mind blowing.  Ryan has been so awesome with understanding where I'm at and being able to help take away all the pressure.  The man is AWESOME!

                   - Austin A.

I have had an excellent experience at Dadez. I've worked with Adam and Ryan and had significant relief both with sciatic nerve problems, and nerve pain/numbness in one arm.  Can't recommend them enough!

                   - Jennifer S.

Dadez Physical Therapy has been a blessing to me.  They have helped me overcome a number of physical maladies over the past 7 years.  Their kind and compassionate care is unmatched by physical therapy treatments I have had at any other medical facility.  (They are also great listeners!) I refer them to others all the time.

                   - B. Clausen

My experience with Dadez PT has been fabulous!  After 20 years of chronic pain due to an injury, I can finally finding lasting pain relief, and increased strength and stability.  The techniques used at Dadez are definitely cutting edge physical therapy treatments.  Also, the insight and detailed knowledge that Wendy has of my condition has made the treatment even more targeted and effective.  I highly recommend Dadez PT to anyone with chronic pain or acute injuries.

                   - Stephanie

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