Wellness Packages

WHY CASH-BASED? The Wellness Package model is used to simplify the patient experience. At an affordable flat rate, we want to provide the best services or treatment to address your health and wellness needs. 

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  • Initial visit $160.00 


  • Pay as you go $135.00/visit 


  • 4 visits $120.00/visit ($480.00)


  • 6 visits $115.00/visit ($690.00)


  • 8 visits $110.00/visit ($880.00)

Benefits through a cash-based service:

Transparency and reduction of overall healthcare costs.

  • Reduce the number of clinic visits.

  • No Co-Pays.

  • No hidden costs or fees.

  • Time effective treatment.

  • Patient education focus.

All visits are 60 minutes in length and payment is due in full at the time of service with check, cash or credit card.  


“Wellness" services are designed to optimize your overall health or meet your individual health, fitness,  and lifestyle goals, but are not medically necessary. Such services and advice is not intended to substitute for medical advice or a physical therapy treatment. You do not need a referral for wellness services. If, during the course of our wellness service with you, you have specific complaints of pain or have a medical condition that requires a more specific therapeutic treatment plan or intervention, we recommend that you see a licensed physical therapist or your physician for an examination. If you require physical therapy treatment, we can provide those services to you as long as your insurance plan is in-network with our clinic.


                       *Non – transferrable*                *No expiration date*               *No Refunds*