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Our Team:
Wendy Dadez,  PT

Wendy has been practicing P.T. since 1989, having graduated from UW-La Crosse. Wendy specializes in several Manual Therapies as well as blending this with specific exercise instruction that is aimed at long term health. Her training is extensive in women's health, craniosacral therapy, myofascial release, strain/counterstrain, visceral manipulation, muscle energy techniques.

Jessica Smith, PT, DPT

Jessica joined our team in 2022 after earning her Bachelor's in Exercise and Sports Science and her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from UW-La Crosse. There, she competed on the Gymnastics Team for four years. Jessica has experience working with athletes of all ages, as well as treating a wide variety of conditions while guiding her patients through correct movement patterns. She is certified in dry needling, and is furthering her education by completing multiple courses in Strain-Counterstrain. Jessica currently resides in New Richmond with her husband and growing family, and enjoys spending time outside and visiting her family in Ohio.

Allison Brantner, PTA

Allison joined the team in 2015 after graduation from the Physical Therapist Assistant(PTA) Program at Western Technical College in LaCrosse, Wisconsin. She had taken advanced courses in Myofascial Release and Strain-Counterstrain. Allison enjoys the subtlety and effectiveness of the of the Strain-Counterstrain technique, and is excited to explore and refine her technique further.  She grew up in the Eau Claire area and loves anything outdoors. 

Karl Dadez PT, STS, JSCC

Karl graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physical Therapy in 1989. He is also Board Certified in the Srain-counterstrain technique. He has taken numerous advanced continuing education courses over the years and continues to do so today. Through hard work, intensive study, and clinical applications, his techniques have been refined and defined through Strain-counterstrain, Myofascial Release, Craniosacral, & Visceral Manipulation.

Taylor Blackman, PT, DPT

Taylor joined our team in 2022 , with a BS in Dietetics from UW-Madison--completing her education by graduating with her Doctorate of Physical Therapy from University of LaCrosse. Taylor has experience with Dry-Needling, Nutrition, Pelvic-Floor Therapy, Orthopedic/Sport Related Conditions and Strain-Counterstrain, along with treating multiple conditions like Chronic Pain, Post-Surgical and Neurological Dysfunctions. She continues to further her education by completing multiple courses for both Pelvic Floor Therapy, Nutrition and Strain-Counterstrain. Taylor has a passion for nutrition and women's health. She enjoys golf, singing and playing her guitar, and cooking in her free time. 

Logan Dadez, PTA, LMT

Logan started with us back in 2017 after he graduated from the Physical Therapy Assistant(PTA) Program with an Associates Degree in Applied Science from Western Technical College in LaCrosse Wisconsin. Logan, who started out as a Massage Therapist, has a lot of hands-on experience, and is currently continuing his education by completing multiple courses in Strain-Counterstrain, Myofascial release, and Rock-Taping.  Logan enjoys playing soccer, golfing, and being outdoors during the summer months, while snowboarding and watching football are his favorite winter activities.

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